Conversations For The Open Mind: A Controversial Physical Mental And Spiritual Discussion Show By New Age Holistic Health

Conversations For The Open Mind: A Controversial Physical Mental Spiritual Discussion Show (formally known as health humor life) focuses on a variety of topics deemed controversial in our reality. Therefore we ask that only those ready to entertain this kind of information listen to the show. (Those with an open mind) We will discuss topics ranging from health, weight loss, spirituality, aliens, paranormal, psychic phenomenon, cancer, vaccines, mental health, natural cures, government controversies, and more. This show is primarily for discussion and will not be presented as final fact. It is not designed to change an opinion or redesign your beliefs. It's designed to bring about new possibilities in the minds of the human race in this upcoming new age. It's up to the individual to further research what they hear and decide for themselves. To Learn More About Health Topics In A Swift Style, Search for the Short Simple Health Solutions Podcast which includes 10-15 minute episodes answering questions about health, wellness, natural remedies, nutrition, exercise, fat loss, and more!
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Conversations For The Open Mind: A Controversial Physical Mental And Spiritual Discussion Show By New Age Holistic Health



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Dec 6, 2016
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Tyler opens the podcast by reading an ad for Pat's Lawn care. (Our newest sponsor!)
Matt soon delves into the emotional and shocking story of his most recent break up which is what sparked the topic of this podcast. He discusses the effects of an online dating website and insecure emotions and how this combination has come close to ruining his once great relationship.
Tyler also discusses his most recent heart break in which he details his encounter with a long distance lover. Colby joins them as they continue to discuss relationship advice, relationship problems, love quotes, infidelity, getting over a break up, the meaning of love, dating websites, dating tips, and girls girls girls.
You will hear and feel every human emotion during this podcast. From Matt's anger of the initial discovery that sparked the conflict in his personal relationship to Tyler's heart breaking long distance love story that went sour.
Matt and Tyler have been through a lot of relationship problems and also have extensively studied the psychology of dating, relationships, love, and women. Most of you, our audience, will be able to relate to this health humor life podcast.
Many questions come about during the podcast discussion...
Does Matt continue his personal relationship or does he move on?
Will Tyler and his former long distance lover ever reconnect? Does love exist?
What is love exactly? What is the meaning of love and relationships? Does Pat cut lawns well?
Will Peter plumb shit out of your toilet efficiently?
Find out the answer to these questions and many more on this five star health humor life podcast on a topic everyone can relate to: the meaning of love, relationship problems, and break ups.