Conversations For The Open Mind: A Controversial Physical Mental And Spiritual Discussion Show By New Age Holistic Health

Conversations For The Open Mind: A Controversial Physical Mental Spiritual Discussion Show (formally known as health humor life) focuses on a variety of topics deemed controversial in our reality. Therefore we ask that only those ready to entertain this kind of information listen to the show. (Those with an open mind) We will discuss topics ranging from health, weight loss, spirituality, aliens, paranormal, psychic phenomenon, cancer, vaccines, mental health, natural cures, government controversies, and more. This show is primarily for discussion and will not be presented as final fact. It is not designed to change an opinion or redesign your beliefs. It's designed to bring about new possibilities in the minds of the human race in this upcoming new age. It's up to the individual to further research what they hear and decide for themselves. To Learn More About Health Topics In A Swift Style, Search for the Short Simple Health Solutions Podcast which includes 10-15 minute episodes answering questions about health, wellness, natural remedies, nutrition, exercise, fat loss, and more!
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Conversations For The Open Mind: A Controversial Physical Mental And Spiritual Discussion Show By New Age Holistic Health



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Jan 10, 2017
In this episode of the health humor life uncensored podcast, we will discussing the successful natural treatment of seasonal affective disorder and seasonal depression with a simple strategy. Seasonal affective disorder and seasonal depression are both very common this time of year. Matt describes how he experienced this himself last week and tells how he improved, cured, and maintains the prevention of seasonal affective disorder. He goes into various techniques including exercise, vitamin d, light therapy, the sun, tanning, vitamin d from food, and more.
Matt poses the question:" Does the sun really cause cancer? Or is the sun one of the best things for seasonal affective disorder, depression, energy, and immunity?" Find out the answer to this and more as Matt goes into brief detail in order to help every cure the winter blues with ease. It only takes the simple steps Matt discusses to feel happier during the winter and avoid seasonal affective disorder and depression. 
Tyler discusses How to live your life goals without settling. He describes what it means to settle in life, relationships, work, and success. He goes into the mindset of knowing you are meant for more but settling with lesser life goals and how to prevent that from happening. To live your life goals is to work hard to achieve them. He describes how to maintain the mindset for goal setting and goal achievement. Tyler also discusses how to improve your memory and how to be more present in daily life by using one simple technique. He discusses Dr. Robert Glover and the knowledge he has taken away from Dr. Glover's book. "No More Mr. Nice Guy." 
The pair also discuss various topics including "real life zombies" and how "the zombies" could be any one of us wondering around. Tyler discusses wearing "ripped abs" cologne and his response from a girl complimenting him in the grocery store. Tyler receives a sexy seductive sound cloud message during the podcast recording that he shares with the world. Matt also discusses his girlfriend's opinion that he will be "missing Tyler" as he leaves for his road trip to California with Matt's ex girlfriend on Tuesday evening.
Join us on the health humor life uncensored podcast for these topics and more! 
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