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Health Spirit Freedom: Teaching 5D Ascension & High Vibrational Health

May 1, 2020

In this episode, I discuss how I met my twin flame for the very first time after unknowingly running into her at a local concert. Prior to the meeting I had received lots of divine signs and synchronicities which I discuss here as well. I share the unbelievable energy and sensations I felt within my chakras and body during this meeting as well as her miraculous reappearance on a platform shortly thereafter. 

One thing I forget to mention in the video is I did try messaging her on the mentioned platform but received no response and the profile was eventually deleted. I hope this twin flame story inspires others who have the awareness of having a twin flame in this life and also inspires you to keep doing the difficult inner work in order to have a positive twin flame union at some point when you are both ready. 

As of the making of this video, we are still in the “twin flame separation period” which is very common in twin flame situations. I continue to experience dreams and synchronicities involving her and am fully confident we will run into each other again one way or the other. Like and subscribe for updates on this ongoing story and for the other “crazy” aspects of this story I will mention down the road in part 2. 

As an interesting side note, I am feeling a lot of resistance in the heart when posting this video. Perhaps certain forces do not want a reunification to happen. Only time will tell but I have full trust and faith in God for this divinely guided happening. (And yes, I know it sounds absolutely nuts.) : )


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Matt Michael is a 5D Intuitive Spiritual Teacher & Ascension Guide - Lyran Starseed / Twin Flame - Reiki Master - Holistic Health & Weight Loss Coaching Professional - Comedy, Parody, & Spiritual Musician - Dog Dad - Star Wars/Trek/Superhero Nerd


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