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Health Spirit Freedom: Teaching 5D Ascension & High Vibrational Health

Jan 31, 2017

Tyler and Matt begin the Health Humor Life paranormal activity series by discussing the events that lead from them growing up in a strict catholic religion to eventually opening their minds as they had many spiritual, paranormal, ghost, and psychic medium experiences. Matt states that it is perfectly ok if you do not believe in ghosts as you will still find these stories intriguing.


Tyler opens up about beginning his journey as a Clairvoyant and how he first experienced being able to sense and predict significant events in his life. He discusses the major car accident where he was almost killed and his intuition that spoke to him before it happened. 


Matt discusses some of the intuitive and empathic experiences he has had and how his intuition warned him about a particular family member being mentally in danger. Matt also describes the time he experiences feeling one of his client’s emotions following an intense reiki session. (One of many)


They discuss the paranormal experiences they have had while visiting a psychic medium and briefly discuss some of the information the psychic gave them which was later confirmed true. Tyler describes how the psychic medium assured him of his ability as a clairvoyant, but that he would have a lot to learn. Tyler describes how its not always a gift or easy to have abilities like this as it is often hard to seclude himself from being bothered by spiritual entities that may be trying to get through to him.


Matt describes how Tyler and him are not special with these abilities and that intuitive, clairvoyant, and psychic abilities are within all of us. They just need to be awakened. He describes how many people have had these experiences but pass them off as normal or imagination.


Matt ends with a story regarding paranormal activity at his college frat house where he tells the story of a legendary house mother from the 1800s and her protective nature over the brotherhood. He tells of the house mother trying to protect him from an ex girlfriend who experienced “the ghost of Evelyn” in the Beta Theta Pi house of Orono, Maine. He also describes another story of a brother’s experience with a “smiling ghost”.


The paranormal activity podcast ends as the pair describe a non-paranormal subject of the foreign lady from dell assisting to systematically fix Matt’s computer, and then ruin it further.


Matt tells the viewers to get a free ebook on on relieving anxiety, depression, and many other ailments as well as a nutrition book and video course. Paranormal activity part two continues in february as the two discuss “The Haunted Condo Of Old Orchard Beach, Maine.”