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Health Spirit Freedom: Teaching 5D Ascension & High Vibrational Health

Nov 22, 2016
How to be debt free, Girls of Walmart, Black Friday, and the Himalayan Salt Challenge ep 2.
Matt and tyler open the health humor life podcast by fully disclosing that they are absolute "nobodies". Long time friend and band mate Colby, joins them as he brings up stories of walmart girls after the three discuss debt, how to be debt free, ways of making money, working hard, and their personal "get out of debt" stories. Many "folks" get themselves into deep debt situations and have trouble getting out. We discuss the ONE key "sure-fire" way to get out of debt. Branching off of the debt discussion, the trio discuss black Friday, black Friday sales, camping out on black Friday, and the simple stupidity of many "folks" on black Friday.
Matt discusses a story of some hefty woman following him home from walmart while yelling and screaming at him. Tyler discusses the supreme class of gals leaving their number on his car at walmart. Colby simply discusses the absurdity of some of the women of walmart. The trio circle back to debt as they all discuss their "money spending" and "getting out of debt" stories. So don't search for another "I need money" or "how to make money online" scheme. Listen to the health humor life podcast for ways of making money, the benefits and "side effects" of chugging Himalayan salt water, Tyler's Himalayan salt shitting incident, and motivation, inspiration, and ideas for improving your own debt situation.
Tyler and Matt talk about ways to GET YOURSELF out of debt and become financially free. Everyday people make poor choices with impulse purchases and bad investments. Colby, a guest speaker who's had a great deal of experience with debt, talks about his choices and how he turned his finances around. Learn the difference between bad investments and good investments and find out how Black Friday can manipulate people to the point where they are camping out in front of stores 31 days early. Colby brings up the People of Wal-Mart.. which get Matt and Tyler started on a rant about their experiences with the People of Wal-Mart. Matt also talks about how he started drinking Himalayan salt to help benefit his body.. and Tyler explains about his explosive salt drinking experience as the Himalayan Salt Challenge is revealed.
  • Matt and Tyler Explain the Materialism trap that people get caught in and the Pros and Cons of spending money
  • The extreme work that Matt had to do to get himself in debt... then out of debt
  • Credit Card spend - Why you should get away from it
  • Spending for necessities vs. Show - Buying stuff you don't need to impress people you don't care about
  • Colby talks about his experience with Money and how he got into Debt
  • Tyler talks about his experience with his credit, the impact that medical bills have on your credit, and how he developed better spending habits
  • Tyler talks about how having a lot of money in your possession changes your perception of money
  • How society programs us on buying on Impulse and preach instant gratification with commercials and Holidays
  • Good Debt vs. Bad Debt.. What is worth investing in?
  • Black Friday... the thrills and chills of People Camping out and Shitting themselves in line.
  • Himalayan Salt Challenge... Why we drink salt and the effects it has on your body
  • Tyler's first time salt drinking... explosive... experience 
  • Matt, Colby, and Tyler all tell their Wal-mart Pick up stories.

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