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Health Spirit Freedom: Teaching 5D Ascension & High Vibrational Health

Mar 20, 2018

Matt explains what broke his heart in New Orleans. He discusses "the bubble" we often live in and how we often forget about those less fortunate than us. He discusses how to cure anxiety (A method that has worked for him for years.) He also discussed his anxiety relapse in New Orleans and how he fixed it after getting home.

The show begins and ends with a preview of next week's hilarious comedy guest, Shofanda Jones as she discusses hilarious topics including what she would do if Trump "grabbed her titties" .

Matt  goes into the palmistry app that blew him away and how you can tell whether a psychic is actually legitimate when getting a reading. He also goes into the healthiest alcohol choices and why certain ones store more fat than others.

This is another can't miss episode from the ever growing Health Humor Life Podcast. We thank you for all of your support! - show notes, guides, and episodes