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Health Spirit Freedom: Teaching 5D Ascension & High Vibrational Health

Mar 10, 2019

IDM = Intuitively Downloaded Message

Many spiritual teachers often refer to doing the "inner work". So what is the "inner work" exactly? Matt gives you the 9 steps he received intuitively to help get you through this often difficult but rewarding process. 

Matt also discusses an intuitive message he received in regards to life being soon shaken up by "Sudden Shambles" (IDM) to help align those not on their spiritual path. 

Matt shares some personal stories in regards to his inner journey, ayahuasca ceremonies, and a strange phenomenon that happened in his sleep in relation to "Psychic Semen". What the heck is that??? Find out in this returning episode of health spirit freedom. - free guide available to help naturally relieve anxiety, depress, weight loss & more. Join our email list to stay connected in light and love.