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Health Spirit Freedom: Teaching 5D Ascension & High Vibrational Health

Dec 20, 2016

Most information in this podcast can be found in greater detail with cited references in the "Optimum Nutrition For Fat Loss ebook" found on for FREE! Visit the homepage to get your copy today!
In an informative yet entertaining podcast, Matt discusses the "benefits" of sugar as Tyler is intrigued. The show opens with a reenacted sugar ad from the 1950s/60s era when sugar was promoted as a health food to lose weight. Matt brings up Tyler's desire to say "fuck" less due to an email from an anonymous user in which Matt suspects is his mother. Matt and Tyler then discuss all of the benefits of eating sugar such as to temporarily increase energy, enjoy the taste of sugar, stimulate your hunger, sugar cravings, gaining weight, diabetes, and getting limbs removed from your diabetes destroyed body. Tyler also brings up a supposed revolutionary war hero named "Steve" who decided to sit in a corner and eat donuts instead of fight because he was depressed his girlfriend broke up with him. 
Matt goes into the hormonal processes of sugar entering the body including the body's effect on insulin causing insulin spikes and weight gain. He explains why this has been a large part of the obesity epidemic, childhood obesity, and why people have a hard time losing weight. He explains how to lose weight by decreasing or removing sugar from your diet. He mentions the possibility of sugar withdrawals due to sugar addiction as sugar is very similar to drugs like cocaine and even cigarettes with a similar reaction in the brain. Matt explains how to lose weight fast by eliminating sugar thus your body sheds weight like no tomorrow! Matt mentions how to look out for hidden sugars, substitute sugar and flour for healthier options, and some tips to remove sugar from your body and cure sugar addiction. Sugar withdrawals are tough, but anyone can overcome them!
Whether it be raw sugar, fructose, granulated sugar, brown sugar, refined sugar, or starch, they all have an effect on insulin and fat storage. Matt explains why in detail in this podcast. Matt also explains essential weight loss strategies you need to know in order to be successful losing weight in relation to sugar. He explains simple ways to get around sugar addiction.
The pair then discuss "Dad-Bods", a media made phenomenon in which these "Dad Bods physiques are the new "in" thing. A man with a Dad Bod does not have to be a dad, the article states. A Dad bod is a pudgy male who likes to have fun according to this very legitimate article from a known news site. (Listen to the podcast to find out who.) Tyler and Matt delve into the article on dad bods and discuss their take on it. It made for a hilarious and confusing venture
In closing, Matt and Tyler discuss the Alaskan Malamute rescue dog they adopted as well as play a recording of his "ghostly woman" like howl that occurs after they leave the residence. Matt states that his obsessive dog pictures can be found on instagram @getfitmusichhl. They close with some questionable comments as Health Humor Life goes off the air until next time! This podcast is both educational, informative, and presented in an entertaining fashion. be sure to give it a listen! Visit for a free ebook called" Optimum nutrition for fat loss" detailing much of the information on sugar and weight loss in detail!
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