The Short Simple Health Solutions Podcast With Natural Health, Nutrition, Weight Loss, & Fitness Professional. (And Physical Mental Spiritual Coach) Matt Michael

The Short Simple Health Solutions Podcast (formally known as health humor life) includes 10-20 minute episodes answering questions about health, wellness, natural remedies, nutrition, exercise, fat loss, and more! It is designed to both educate and entertain. We deliver really quick health podcast's to prevent being overwhelmed and so that you can implement these easy health solutions right away. Matt Michael has almost 10 years of experience coaching people to a new and imp;roved body, mind, and spirit. He looks forward to helping people across the world with this podcast. Visit to learn more about matt michael and to get some free health and weight loss guides & meal plans!
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The Short Simple Health Solutions Podcast With Natural Health, Nutrition, Weight Loss, & Fitness Professional. (And Physical Mental Spiritual Coach) Matt Michael



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Feb 21, 2017
Immune System Boosters, Herbal remedies, And Alternative Medicine: How Matt Prevents From Getting Sick All Winter Long + Still Getting Pounded!
Sickness and especially being sick all the time is not normal and shouldn't be the norm. Conventional medicine is good at placing a bandaid on illness while herbal remedies, alternative medicine, and natural immune system boosters (supplements) cure illness at the source. In this episode, Matt describes the many ways in which to maintain health and avoid getting sick year round no matter how many germs are around you!
Matt explains that the key to staying healthy is working from the inside out and maintaining a strong immune system using natural remedies, homeopathic medicine, and alternative medicine techniques. He discusses natural immune system boosters, flu remedies, supplements, anti-stress techniques, alkalizing foods, natural alternatives to the flu shot, flu shot side effects, whether washing your hands actually helps to prevent illness, and much more on this very informative episode of the Health Humor Life Uncensored Podcast. 
Meanwhile, it's a week later and Tyler and Matt are STILL getting pounded! or are they? Stay tuned to learn, laugh, thrive, and prevent yourself from getting sick with this special episode. Learn about this alternative medicine while laughing at the subtle humor.
Also, Check out the upcoming ebook on in which you can get for free for more homeopathic remedies, immune system boosters, and more alternative medicine techniques designed to keep you healthy and sickness free year round!
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Feb 14, 2017
Soda Pop has been a long time staple in American society. However, there is now an extravagant amount of controversial information known about sugar, high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, and many other ingredients in soda pop. Can you drink this American and Worldwide staple drink and still be healthy? Should Soda Pop continue to be a long time American past time? What are Matt and Tyler getting pounded with? Or Who are they pounding? Or Who is pounding who? 
The pair discuss high fructose corn syrup and the recent research conducted to determine whether it is harmful or safe. They also discuss additional ingredients to soda including yellow 5, EDTA, Brominated vegetable oil and more. This episode will help you make a conscious decision on whether to continue drinking soda or find another favorite beverage. Listen and tell us what you think!
In conclusion, the pair discuss chocolate milk and gatorade ads that promote these items as health foods, tyler's water bottle getting destroyed by the dog, and important vitamins and minerals your body often loses but needs in order to function properly. The effects of Soda Pop and high fructose corn syrup (among other ingredients) are important enough to deserve a discussion. We give you this controversial discussion here on health humor life. 
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Feb 7, 2017

Tyler and Matt shoot the shit on this podcast about funny life occurrences and pet peeves. It is mentioned that they will be discussing soda and "how to prevent yourself from getting sick" next podcast. 

They Discuss Matt's current girlfriend who is doing a "trial move in week" to see how it goes living with these two gentlemen. Will there be any pet peeves occurring with this move in??

Tyler goes into his pet peeves and how he hates feet sticking out of car windows. Matt discusses some of his pet peeves including the need for new "traffic light technology" 

Tyler describes a story of how he managed to piss on his belt at red robin uncontrollably scattering "pee debris" all over the restroom. Matt describes how he cleaned Tyler's heavily caked shit off of the toilet seat with many attempts to get it clean just the other day.  Tyler thinks that this story is extremely funny. 

Tyler describes a girl who once stalked him from outside his window while texting him saying she was right outside his window. Matt describes an ex girlfriend who broke into the house drunk and woke them out of a dazed clueless sleep. 

Tyler tells the story of when his dog ate a tampon and also describes the standard facebook female pose. 

Matt actually makes a serious statement in a podcast full of nonsense and pet peeve humor. He explains how if you are teaching someone something, you should be doing it yourself. He tells why it is important to lead by example when teaching. He describes what happens if you do not lead by example and how it makes you a better teacher if you practice what you preach. 

Finally the pair discuss the free ebooks on including how to reduce anxiety, how to lose weight with nutrition, how to improve depression, and more! 

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upcoming podcasts: Paranormal part 2, How to avoid getting sick, Significance of Soda intake.