The Short Simple Health Solutions Podcast With Natural Health, Nutrition, Weight Loss, & Fitness Professional. (And Physical Mental Spiritual Coach) Matt Michael

The Short Simple Health Solutions Podcast (formally known as health humor life) includes 10-20 minute episodes answering questions about health, wellness, natural remedies, nutrition, exercise, fat loss, and more! It is designed to both educate and entertain. We deliver really quick health podcast's to prevent being overwhelmed and so that you can implement these easy health solutions right away. Matt Michael has almost 10 years of experience coaching people to a new and imp;roved body, mind, and spirit. He looks forward to helping people across the world with this podcast. Visit to learn more about matt michael and to get some free health and weight loss guides & meal plans!
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The Short Simple Health Solutions Podcast With Natural Health, Nutrition, Weight Loss, & Fitness Professional. (And Physical Mental Spiritual Coach) Matt Michael



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Sep 13, 2017

Matt Michael discusses the end of health humor life and the beginning of the short simple health solutions podcast as he states the show will still focus on “info-tainment” and be entertaining as well as educating about health, weight loss, mind, spirit, and more. 

Today’s episode focuses on self esteem, self beliefs, self confidence, and how to build self esteem, how to build self confidence, and how to enhance self love, self image, and self worth. He discusses what it takes to love yourself and goes over methods he’s used that has enhanced his life greatly. He discusses the “think up” app and recording positive affirmations while listening to them daily in order to change subconscious beliefs holding us back from success. 

He discusses his personal past struggles with being fat, depression, and anxiety and how learning positive thinking and self belief helped build his self confidence and self esteem to allow him to lose 50 pounds in 3 months. (free ebook on how he did it at

Show Mentions: - new ladies 21 day transformation program teaching ladies how to incorporate sweets into their diet every single day (if you wish) while losing weight fast. coupon code 23OFF for 23% off VERY high quality protein, sweets, and other supplements. (Unofficial show sponsor. Use the link and it helps us a lot!) 

Mar 14, 2017


New Age Holistic Health - Short Simple Health Solutions Podcast


On Today's episode of the health humor l.... Oh wait! We have a new name! Find out the details of the new brand change inside this episode. This new podcast is short and sweet as it will be in the future as well. It begins with a motivational quote as it will from here on out. (Because we all need daily and weekly motivation)


Matt discusses Diet Tips For Fast Weight Loss as well as Health Maintenance in this episode. He will go over the top five foods that prevent fast weight loss. He will also discuss some healthy, delicious, and simple substitutions for these foods.


He will go into detail on what could potentially be holding you back from your weight loss, maintenance, or lean muscle gain goals. These diet tips will assist you in getting back on the right track to your goals regarding healthy food!


Healthy food is sometimes confusing. Matt will discuss label reading and how to determine whether a food really is a “healthy food”.


Matt offers a few other weight loss tips, diet tips, and strategies for fast weight loss. He then delves into the future of the podcast and the direction in which it is heading. He discusses the new name, the new style, the shorter length, and what will become a much larger movement and company.


Matt discusses his dedication to helping people and is desire to seek out a new co host. (preferably a female with a background in holistic health) to join him on the podcast part time and to write some blogs. Contact him if interested.


Don't forget to subscribe on itunes, stitcher, and other podcast outlets and go to either, or and get our free ebooks along with access to future ebooks and giveaways by joining the mailing list. Relieve your depression and anxiety easily with natural means with the new upcoming ebook!


Finally, we are looking for people who have something positive to offer the world, but just need a platform to get it out there. Contact us on the website for a chance to come on air and voice your message to the world.


We will be with you into this new age of prosperous health, wealth, and happiness as we journey into a new dimensional world where tomorrow will be a better place for all because we will make it that way.


Thank you to everyone for support



Jan 24, 2017

Crossfit is a lifestyle in which you are prioritizing health and fitness goals. Founded by Greg Glassman over several decades, it is a unique fitness regimen. It is stated that he is the first person in history to define fitness in a meaningful and measurable way. He then created a program designed to improve fitness and health. 

Crossfit is varied functional movements performed at a high intensity. These functional movements reflect aspects of gymnastics, weight lifting, running rowing and others. The goal is to move the largest loads, the longest distances creating an ideal condition to to maximize the amount of work done in the shortest time.  Cross fit claims that By using these varied functional movements with varied intensities,  it leads to dramatic gains in fitness. 


Crossfitter and “Personality”, Jake Oulette joins Health Humor Life as we delve into the world of crossfit, crossfit gyms, crossfit training programs and the crossfit community.

Matt states a blurb from his research on crossfit as Jake and matt delve into how they met and the 35 year old male “little girl” former mutual friend that brought them together.

Matt asks the questions about cross fit as Jake discusses topics including:

How a 15 minute crossfit workout feels like an entire wrestling match

The Crossfit community, how its competitive and why it's a team and how it leads to friends in and out of the gym

How someone off the street can join a crossfit gym immediately

Jake's expert recommendation to calm the nerves on your first day.

What is the coaches role? and How do you become a crossfit coach?

How to avoid injuries, do's and don'ts in the gym, and how to take care of your body correctly.

Weigh 300 lbs? Have no exercise experience? Is crossfit for you?

Why you should not date within your local crossfit community and the consequences of dating the hot crossfit chick!

Visit for free ebooks on nutrition for health and weight loss, how to cure anxiety and depression, how to cure acne, how to boost testosterone naturally, and how to prevent yourself from getting sick.

Jan 3, 2017

Tyler And Matt are joined By Colby once again for a more entertainment oriented discussion on difference between men and women in society and relationships, "fuckboys", universal income, the feminist movement, father figures, action towards goals and much much more.

The trio delve into the differentiating traits of men and women and why everything isn't always equal in life and the workplace. They discuss the major physiological and thus real life differences between men and woman in various situations.

What is a “fuckboy”? What is a “bae”? These utterly important 1st world questions will be answered and will be yours to find out on this version of the health humor life uncensored podcast! “Fuckboys” are now a common word usage among females. Is a “Fuckboy” the one to blame for miscommunication in a relationship or friends with benefits situation?

Robots are taking over some jobs. Is universal income the answer? Guys like Elon Musk think it is. Plus which other podcasts are the most entertaining? Bill Burr? Stone Cold Steve Austin? Find out health humor life's take on other great podcasts out there.

Is it possible to be in a relationship with a girl who has 7 children from 4 different dads? Matt discusses his experience with being introduced to a child without consent even before officially dating an ex-girlfriend.

It's a new year and that means it's a new you right? Wrong. Find out why.

Stay tuned for Matt Michael's new “Fit-Nutrit-Commit” podcast debuting this week on itunes. A short, health based podcast with straight up facts and helpful tips for weight loss, mental health, nutrition, natural medicine, and more.


Get a free book and nutrition video course on and

So Don't be a “fuckboy” be a “Bae” and find out what in hell that means on this entertaining episode of health humor life.

We will present the benefits of magnesium on anxiety relief, sleep and more next week.


Dec 27, 2016
Matt and Tyler open the podcast by discussing Their Christmas experience with the family and the dog almost losing his virginity in the living room. Tyler describes the Dunkin Donuts drive through "pay it forward" movement. Matt discusses The #1 thing to look out for in order to lose weight successfully and achieve your new years resolution goal. The pair take viewer questions from emails and Matt discusses how fruit smoothies played a role in one client gaining weight. 
Matt describes a fast way to lose weight by making dietary changes. Matt describes the best workouts to lose weight and the best diet to lose weight. Matt gives various weight loss tips catered to help our listeners with this health goal. (Which is the most common new years resolution) Reading labels and looking out for hidden sugars is also described and discussed. 
Tyler brings up the word fuck as the two discuss how it really isn't that bad of a word. We would love our fans to leave an itunes review but for some reason apple has over-complicated the matter! Any fan can leave a review and email us with how they did it and say anything they want on air as a reward! Tyler and Matt describe the holiday dietary struggles and fatigue as a result and talk about how they are getting back on the health wagon. Matt also discusses his new and upcoming short information based podcast titled "Fit Nutrit Commit" out starting next week.
  • Christmas Holiday's and a nice big breakfast
  • Tyler's Parents dog almost loses virginity live in their living room.
  • Dunkin Donuts drive through - Paying it forward vs. being narcissistic prick (a dink)
  • Calories in vs. Calories out Don't matter - Know how your body is going to react to the foods you are putting in it
  • Tyler's Mother's 8-Hour-Diet and her incorporating Podcast advice
  • Number 1 most important thing for Resolutioners"... 
  • Read labels properly by subtracting the fiber!
  • Why Pasta, Fruit juices, even fruit smoothies can affect you negatively
  • Fruits are healthy for you - but will smoothies help or hurt your weight loss?
  • Epi-pen raised 300% - Why items invented for helping people should be free
  • Weight loss (if thats your goal) HAS to be the number 1 priority.
  • PLAN - Plan meals, work outs, and follow them- especially if you are on the go.
  • START NOW - Don't wait for the calendar to change
  • We swear to be authentic and passionate! We also describe how FUCK is the best word 
  • Why leaving an Itunes review is nearly impossible and the biggest pain in the ass
Dec 20, 2016
Most information in this podcast can be found in greater detail with cited references in the "Optimum Nutrition For Fat Loss ebook" found on for FREE! Visit the homepage to get your copy today!
In an informative yet entertaining podcast, Matt discusses the "benefits" of sugar as Tyler is intrigued. The show opens with a reenacted sugar ad from the 1950s/60s era when sugar was promoted as a health food to lose weight. Matt brings up Tyler's desire to say "fuck" less due to an email from an anonymous user in which Matt suspects is his mother. Matt and Tyler then discuss all of the benefits of eating sugar such as to temporarily increase energy, enjoy the taste of sugar, stimulate your hunger, sugar cravings, gaining weight, diabetes, and getting limbs removed from your diabetes destroyed body. Tyler also brings up a supposed revolutionary war hero named "Steve" who decided to sit in a corner and eat donuts instead of fight because he was depressed his girlfriend broke up with him. 
Matt goes into the hormonal processes of sugar entering the body including the body's effect on insulin causing insulin spikes and weight gain. He explains why this has been a large part of the obesity epidemic, childhood obesity, and why people have a hard time losing weight. He explains how to lose weight by decreasing or removing sugar from your diet. He mentions the possibility of sugar withdrawals due to sugar addiction as sugar is very similar to drugs like cocaine and even cigarettes with a similar reaction in the brain. Matt explains how to lose weight fast by eliminating sugar thus your body sheds weight like no tomorrow! Matt mentions how to look out for hidden sugars, substitute sugar and flour for healthier options, and some tips to remove sugar from your body and cure sugar addiction. Sugar withdrawals are tough, but anyone can overcome them!
Whether it be raw sugar, fructose, granulated sugar, brown sugar, refined sugar, or starch, they all have an effect on insulin and fat storage. Matt explains why in detail in this podcast. Matt also explains essential weight loss strategies you need to know in order to be successful losing weight in relation to sugar. He explains simple ways to get around sugar addiction.
The pair then discuss "Dad-Bods", a media made phenomenon in which these "Dad Bods physiques are the new "in" thing. A man with a Dad Bod does not have to be a dad, the article states. A Dad bod is a pudgy male who likes to have fun according to this very legitimate article from a known news site. (Listen to the podcast to find out who.) Tyler and Matt delve into the article on dad bods and discuss their take on it. It made for a hilarious and confusing venture
In closing, Matt and Tyler discuss the Alaskan Malamute rescue dog they adopted as well as play a recording of his "ghostly woman" like howl that occurs after they leave the residence. Matt states that his obsessive dog pictures can be found on instagram @getfitmusichhl. They close with some questionable comments as Health Humor Life goes off the air until next time! This podcast is both educational, informative, and presented in an entertaining fashion. be sure to give it a listen! Visit for a free ebook called" Optimum nutrition for fat loss" detailing much of the information on sugar and weight loss in detail!
Write us a positive review to spread the word if you feel inclined!
Dec 13, 2016
FREE Weight Loss and Health eBook on  - Send Questions and comment  to  (We will be doing a Q and A Soon)
Tyler and Matt record separately on this day as the Podcast begins with Tyler getting immediately interrupted by a local Amtrak Train. Tyler discusses goal setting, how to set goals, and goal setting theory. He describes to the audience how putting a photo of a half naked man on your wall will help you with your life goals. He goes into journaling for goals. (And No not live online journal or live journal or whatever it was called back in the day) He discusses his personal story of long term and daily goal setting when he was on his path to successfully losing 90 pounds. Tyler states that his own personal journaling is what really helped and stated he would post a sample Journal from his journey on
Matt takes over half way through and discusses his two cents on goal setting, taking action (immediately and imperfectly) , his dog getting fixed, an update on his break up, and how to take action instead of sitting at home playing with yourself. He describes how goal setting comes with having a positive mindset and describes ways to think positively and attract positive outcomes to yourself. He discusses SMART goals in detail and why they are important for success in your own personal goal setting and life goals. Matt discusses topics such as not having too many goals at once, over-planning before you take action, more goal setting theory, and discusses his personal goals in life and life goals he has achieved with the goal setting methods described. 
So if you want tips and help on goal setting and assistance with accomplishing your life goals by taking action, journaling, staring at naked men every morning, thinking positive, and adding some greater good to this world, this podcast is for you! So take action now and download the newest episode of the Health Humor Life Uncensored Podcast!


Nov 14, 2016
Tyler opens the podcast with a monologue discussing a day in his life involving cat puke, dry vomiting, and finally falling into the shit and puke. The intro music finally plays as matt begins by calling tyler out on once again going off his diet with donuts. 
Matt and Tyler then kickoff the Health Humor Life podcast by talking about losing more than 70lbs+ of FAT in less than 4 Months. Diving into personal struggles with Weight Loss & How they Maintained it. Label reading, decoded. Common misconceptions are debunked as they discuss their personal stories on how to developed healthy habits, and lose weight fast and efficiently.
Matt drops a personal BOMBSHELL, but is honest about his past mistake and promises to go into it more on a future podcast in order to help others make a different decision. 
"How do I lose Weight? How do I lose Weight FAST? How can I keep this weight OFF?" These are the questions we find ourselves asking when searching for advice on our weight loss journey. Matt & Tyler cover in detail their personal success and struggles with weight loss while being completely open and uncensored. Everything is discussed including their influences, motivation, healthy eating, what worked for them and what didn't work AT ALL.
We all have daily habits and routines that shape our future. What kind of routines are healthy and sustainable that will have a positive impact on your life? Matt goes into detail on  how important it is to develop a sustainable workout and eating plan that you can be consistent with until it becomes second nature.
What you eat is everything. Food will ALWAYS have a positive or a negative impact on your body and your overall Health. The food that you intake will determine if you lose weight fast, a normal pace, or lose any weight at all. Matt and Tyler dive into the importance of label reading, eating proteins and fibers carbs and more CRUICAL information that will accelerate YOUR weight loss and lead you to a better Life.
Notes on Episode #1
Tyler's Story:
  • Matt and Tyler both have gone through major weight loss changes in the past.
  • Tyler explains where motivation comes from and how to lose weight fast by going from 260lbs to 190lbs in just 3 months! Using an extreme method of exercise. He explains his extreme routine and what he ate during this period to help him achieve his weight loss goal.
  • Make your workouts sustainable - Extreme workouts don't last for long. 
  • Become a member of a gym - Martial arts, weight gym, do something you love.
  • Sugar and syrup in your coffee will effect you negatively on your weight loss journey.
  • Lack of effort, getting off the band wagon and diverting your focus to something else will cause you to revert to old habits. Keep a balanced life.
  • Developing Better habits and routines for the future - Just do it and build consistency
  • Still has a pair of skinny jeans, so when he looses his weight - he can try them on... like a female would.
  • Stick to your routine no matter what - Balance your life.
Matt's Story:
  • Relied on good genetics, realized he couldn't eat because he was gaining weight.
  • Drank a lot in high school which caused him to "Blow up in high school"
  • Did insanity to drop weight fast (link in show notes) - Great way to loose weight fast if you are doing it to your full potential. However it is NOT sustainable.
  • Gained weight again later in college - Lost weight by doing cardio.
  • Moved to Boston to "bulk up"
  • Moved to Providence, becoming bigger - ate lots of sugar, got cocky due to doing steroids.
  • What he ate - Waffles every day, taco Tuesday, ate like shit and paid for it
  • Busted ass for 3 months before his family trip to Mexico, did Insanity again, cardio at the gym, ate low carb
  • Lost 50lbs before mexico
General notes:
  • What you eat is EVERYTHING
  • Drinking milk, orange juice, fruit juices = has sugar and calories - Not good for us
  • Eat one bad meal - Look to the next meal to make up for the bad meal. Don't give up just because you had one bad meal.
  • Eating bad meals will set you behind - eating bad meals all day may set you behind for days.
  • Knowledge about foods and what they do to you - People that learn it usually learn it because they have too.
  • Take care of yourself when you are young, because when you are older you'll naturally loose motivation.
  • You can not out exercise what you eat. You can do insanity everyday - or you can eat good and go for a half an hour or an hour power walk. Will be more effective than beating up your body doing insanity everyday.
  • Make your diet consist of protein, fat, and fiber. Will help maintain muscle mass. Always want to stay above 1,000 calories because your body will loose its metabolism fast - which will cause you to loose weight much slower
  • The Fat you eat is NOT the fat you are burning. Fat in your body is stored due to insolent spikes. Which is caused by over eating carbs and ingesting sugar.
  • It's cool to have a treat once or twice a week - but keep your daily routines in check
  • Any foods that are alkalizing - are good for your body.
  • After a while the routine becomes natural without a second thought.
  • Make Food that you'll look forward to eating
  • Save money by eating home cooked meals.