Conversations For The Open Mind: A Controversial Physical Mental And Spiritual Discussion Show By New Age Holistic Health

Conversations For The Open Mind: A Controversial Physical Mental Spiritual Discussion Show (formally known as health humor life) focuses on a variety of topics deemed controversial in our reality. Therefore we ask that only those ready to entertain this kind of information listen to the show. (Those with an open mind) We will discuss topics ranging from health, weight loss, spirituality, aliens, paranormal, psychic phenomenon, cancer, vaccines, mental health, natural cures, government controversies, and more. This show is primarily for discussion and will not be presented as final fact. It is not designed to change an opinion or redesign your beliefs. It's designed to bring about new possibilities in the minds of the human race in this upcoming new age. It's up to the individual to further research what they hear and decide for themselves. To Learn More About Health Topics In A Swift Style, Search for the Short Simple Health Solutions Podcast which includes 10-15 minute episodes answering questions about health, wellness, natural remedies, nutrition, exercise, fat loss, and more!
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Conversations For The Open Mind: A Controversial Physical Mental And Spiritual Discussion Show By New Age Holistic Health



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Mar 14, 2017


New Age Holistic Health - Short Simple Health Solutions Podcast


On Today's episode of the health humor l.... Oh wait! We have a new name! Find out the details of the new brand change inside this episode. This new podcast is short and sweet as it will be in the future as well. It begins with a motivational quote as it will from here on out. (Because we all need daily and weekly motivation)


Matt discusses Diet Tips For Fast Weight Loss as well as Health Maintenance in this episode. He will go over the top five foods that prevent fast weight loss. He will also discuss some healthy, delicious, and simple substitutions for these foods.


He will go into detail on what could potentially be holding you back from your weight loss, maintenance, or lean muscle gain goals. These diet tips will assist you in getting back on the right track to your goals regarding healthy food!


Healthy food is sometimes confusing. Matt will discuss label reading and how to determine whether a food really is a “healthy food”.


Matt offers a few other weight loss tips, diet tips, and strategies for fast weight loss. He then delves into the future of the podcast and the direction in which it is heading. He discusses the new name, the new style, the shorter length, and what will become a much larger movement and company.


Matt discusses his dedication to helping people and is desire to seek out a new co host. (preferably a female with a background in holistic health) to join him on the podcast part time and to write some blogs. Contact him if interested.


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Finally, we are looking for people who have something positive to offer the world, but just need a platform to get it out there. Contact us on the website for a chance to come on air and voice your message to the world.


We will be with you into this new age of prosperous health, wealth, and happiness as we journey into a new dimensional world where tomorrow will be a better place for all because we will make it that way.


Thank you to everyone for support